Who Can You Call To Help Fix A Broken Deck in New Jersey’s Winter Months?

Deck Repairs In Nj

If you live in New Jersey and need repairs to your deck, you should probably do those in the warmer months. Many types of finish, stain, and paint simply cannot be applied in low temperatures, and snow and ice make it difficult for builders in New Jersey to access your deck. But what happens if your deck breaks in the middle of winter? Whether old age finally got to it, or a giant snow drift broke the final support, you may need to walk over your deck every day to get into and out of your home. Who can help with deck repairs in NJ’s winter months, and what can they help with? If you live in Northern New Jersey, Steel Penn can help repair your deck!

Broken or Loose Railings

If you’ve ever gotten too vigorous with the snow shove while clearing your deck, you may have knocked a railing loose! Broken railings on your deck aren’t always emergencies, but they make your deck less safe for visitors. When these are handrails on stairs, it increases the risk of falls, so you should always have these repaired. Deck repair companies in NJ can help with this no matter how cold it is—you may just have to put any stain or paint on after the weather warms up.

Broken Stairs

If a stair breaks, your deck should not be used! Not only could you fall over that one broken stair, you should have the stairs evaluated by a professional to ensure that there is no other structural damage. Termites, ants, and moisture can all destroy stairs, and when one goes, the others are usually soon to follow. A deck repair company in NJ can evaluate the rest of your deck and stairs, replace any unsafe elements, and ensure safe pathways and peace of mind.

“Squishy” or Rotted Wood

You should never “sink” into your deck! Squishy spots are typically signs of rot, either from poor drainage, or just due to New Jersey’s natural moist weather. Some people think these spots are safe as long as they put a piece of plywood or something sturdy over top, but professional deck repair companies would advise you to stay off it until it can be properly assessed. Even in the middle of winter, this sort of damage should be professionally evaluated, and can possibly be fixed, at least temporarily, until the bigger problem canbe solved properly.

If your deck needs a facelift or preventative maintenance, you’ll need to wait until spring. But if your deck has broken and is causing a safety concern, don’t hesitate to call Steel Penn for professional deck repair services in NJ.