Should You Pressure Wash Your NJ Home In Spring or Fall?

As the weather changes, many people are wondering if it is better to do some pressure washing on their Hardwick, NJ homes in the fall, or if they should wait until spring. Of course, you can power wash multiple times in a year if you really love that “just been cleaned” look, but most homeowners call it good with a single wash. Here’s why fall is an excellent time to power wash your NJ home exterior!

Clean up from summer fun

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying your home all summer long! So if your home has some sunscreen, spilt food, or sticky messes left from this summer’s “slime” experiments, a fall power washing can eliminate these problems. Instead of leaving last summer’s mess all winter, clean it up now for an easy spring.

Happy Holidays

Sure, the big holidays don’t come for a few more months, but Halloween brings trick-or-treaters, and you may not be able to have your home pressure washed in November or December if the weather is too cold! Get an early start on the 2021 holiday season now when you pressure wash the exterior of your home.

Gutters work better when they’re cleared

Fall pressure washing can help to clear away dropped leaves, whirlybirds, and pine needles—as long as you are careful to schedule after the trees have dropped their stuff! When you schedule your pressure washing in Hardwick, NJ, ask your contractor if they include gutter cleaning. Some do, some don’t, but clearing your whole roof and gutters of tree debris helps your home stay dry and keeps all the water going where it belongs. In any case, getting your home power washed will push all that debris to a central location, making it even easier to clean.

Ready to schedule a fall pressure washing today? Call the team at Steel Penn for a quick, easy, affordable pressure washing solution in NJ.