Commercial Construction & Renovation

If you are looking for a way to instantly boost the value of your commercial property, appeal more to customers, or create a welcoming space for your business, nonprofit, or government agency, one of the best ways to do so is with skilled commercial construction and renovation services in NJ. At Steel Penn Contracting, we make sure to inspect your roofing, refurbish your windows and doors, paint walls, and so much more! This helps to make your commercial space just like you want it, even after years of business. Whatever the aim of your commercial construction and renovation project, our team at Steel Penn guarantee to make you feel great about your house.

Doing Your Commercial Construction and Renovation Right

At Steel Penn we work with different types of commercial construction projects, and we make sure that we have the best and most effective solution no matter what your business is. Take a look at some of the most popular types of commercial construction projects we normally encounter:
Are your doors letting the chilly NJ weather in? Do your windows look cloudy, even right after you’ve cleaned them? Has some vandal damaged your commercial property? Let the experts at Steel Penn help! We have experience repairing and replacing a wide range of windows and doors and making your property look brand new.
Looking to add a retaining wall or a paver patio? Sprucing up the hardscaping of your business’s exterior is one of the best ways to make your commercial property look high-class. Although upgrading the hardscaping on your property definitely brings up its value, it will also make you and your customers, clients, and tenants safer in their everyday business.
Do you manage a commercial property? As your business tenants come in and out, the offices may need to be repurposed. The commercial construction experts in NJ can help by installing new flooring, repairing and painting walls, and outfitting the offices with sinks, tables, cabinets, or whatever else may be needed.
Whether your commercial building’s roof needs to be repaired or you would simply like to change the style or color, our contractors at Steel Penn are happy to help. We provide quality craftsmanship, competitive prices and we have what it takes to get your roof looking brand new in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact a project manager with the details of your request. We will get back to you with full details.
Our commercial construction projects in New Jersey can vary greatly in the scope and level of detail. We will work with you to determine the best way to conduct our business in the most reasonable timeframe.
Depending on the nature of your project, your property will usually remain fully usable. We will discuss any limitations prior to beginning work and assist in posting signs and notices for safety.