It’s Not Too Late To Build A Dock On Your NJ Property

Deck Repair Contractors And Builders In Nj

With summer just around the corner, is it too late to build a dock? NJ’s best dock builders think it’s never too late to add an awesome feature to your property, so don’t wait—get started on that dock today. Keep reading to find out more about building a dock at your home.

How Long Does it Take To Build A Dock in NJ?

When you start planning your dock building project in NJ, you have a lot of things to consider—one of the first being whether you need a permit to build! This varies greatly depending on your county, city, and sometimes even neighborhood (especially with HOAs!). Fortunately, your dock building team can help you source these permits. After all the red tape is cleared and design plans are made, you are usually looking at one to three months for the full construction. As you may have guessed, bigger docks or docks for very deep bodies of water will likely take longer.

How Big Can My Dock Be?

The size of your dock is limited by two things—the size of your waterfront, and bureaucracy. While our team would be happy to build a monster dock for you, we check during the permitting process to see how large your local regulators will let you build. Aside from this, our team of dock builders will discuss plans with you for the size and style of your dock so it meets your needs. We’ve built everything from tiny, private fishing docks, to marina docks big enough to launch small boats.

Who Can I Call for Dock Repair Services?

If you already have a dock, but notice it has seen some wear and tear, you need a strong team of home exterior contractors and dock builders to address it. Rotting boards, uneven docks, cracked components and worn-out sealants can take a toll on your dock, so make sure to schedule repairs well in advance.

Dock building and dock repairs in NJ are best suited for the summer months, so if you haven’t started planning your dock project yet, you aren’t too far behind. Start planning today and with luck, you’ll be sitting on your new dock before the end of summer!