Tired of that “Musty” Smell? Call NJ’s Best Home Remodelers For A Bathroom Remodel

Best Home And Bathroom Remodelers In Nj

Can you help me get rid of that musty smell in my bathroom? NJ’s best home remodelers get calls for help with their bathrooms all the time—sometimes for looks, but most often for hygiene and function! Keep reading to see how a bathroom remodel can get rid of that funky, musty smell, and turn your bathroom into a clean and pleasant place.

Address Mold or Mildew with A Bathroom Remodel
That smell in your bathroom is probably mold or mildew. Yuck! Nobody wants to admit it, but bathroom remodelers in NJ know that a lot of people have mold and mildew growing behind their shower walls, between the tub and the flooring, under the toilet, and all sorts of places! These problems almost always occur due to improper drainage or water leaks. When you call a home interior remodeler in New Jersey, we can help you find and remove mold and mildew. This may be as easy as removing a panel on your shower wall and cleaning, or may require additional installation of new materials. Always make sure that the mold and mildew are addressed before your bathroom remodel is complete.

Waterproof Bathroom Flooring Makes Your Bathroom Easy to Clean
Once the old mold and mildew are gone, you want to consider working with a home remodeler in NJ to waterproof your bathroom. Tiling your walls and floors, installing a new shower, or replacing your old flooring with modern, waterproof flooring is a smart choice, and will make your bathroom so much easier to clean!

Don’t Forget Ventilation During Your Bathroom Makeover!
Now that you’ve solved your musty smell problem, make sure it doesn’t come back again. You need a skilled team of home interior experts to replace or install a ventilation fan in the bathroom so the smell, mold, and mildew can’t come back. Your home remodeler in NJ can advise on the right size and style of exhaust fan for your bathroom to keep it in top condition.
If your bathroom has an unusual odor, or if you just want a fresh new look, call the home remodelers at Steel Penn for help!