Clean Up the Exterior of Your Home This Fall for A Beautiful Holiday Season

It seems like summer just got here, but if you’re a savvy homeowner, you’re already preparing for you fall home exterior makeover in New Jersey! You probably haven’t thought about the outside of your home since completing spring cleaning, but it could use a little brushing up before fall. Here are some of our favorite ideas for getting your home prepared for the fall holidays!

Pressure Washing

If your home is already designed just the way you like it, all you usually need to do is give it a good cleaning. One of the fastest, easiest, and most environmentally-friendly ways to get this accomplished is with pressure washing! Since it uses the natural power of water, you need fewer cleaning products on your property, and when a skilled contractor completes your power washing, you can trust that your home will stay safe and sound.

Porch and Deck Repairs

Have the kids been tearing across the porch or deck all summer? Wear and tear can take a toll, and you want your porch or deck to be as safe and sturdy as it can be. That’s why hiring a contractor to perform repairs as needed is so important! Whether you need new boards installed, railings secured, or just a good power washing and fresh coat of stain or pain on your porch or deck in NJ, the team at Steel Penn has you covered!


Once we power wash the old stains off of your home, your wooden features may be in need of a new staining. Not a problem! Whether we stain the entire area, or locate a color to match for repairs, you can trust that the staining work we complete will last for years, bringing you enjoyment and ease of caring for your home’s exterior.

Ready to start a home exterior remodeling project in NJ? From cleanups to construction, the team at Steel Penn is here to help!