For A Dazzling Remodel On a Budget, Hire A Contractor For A Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel In Nj
Which home makeover makes a huge impression for a small cost? A bathroom remodel! New Jersey’s best contractors and bathroom remodelers have transformed hundreds of bathrooms into delightful settings for their owners, and our team would love to give your bathroom the same treatment. Consider these ideas as you plan your next bathroom remodel! Tile it Up One of the most common bathroom remodel requests is to add tile! Whether you want tiled bathroom floors, a tile backsplash for the sink, a tiled tub and shower surround, or tiles on every visible inch of your bathroom, a great home contractor in NJ can help! Sure, you can do tile yourself—just check out all the videos online that show you how to clear, prep, treat, and place the tile, grout, and all the other elements. But if you watched the videos and thought “wow, that looks like too much work!” you are right! Tile is easy to learn but hard to master, and an expert contractor in NJ will have your bathroom ready to use in a fraction of the time that a first-time DIY-er will do it. Accessibility and Aging in Place Next up after tile is accessibility and aging-in-place concerns. Seniors are more likely to fall in the shower or bath, and can be very injured. Bathroom remodelers in NJ can outfit your bathroom with slip-resistant flooring, safer walk-in showers and tubs, grab bars, and emergency pull cords can provide safety and security. His & Hers Is your current bathroom a jumbled mess of husband and wife stuff? Is her makeup always cluttering up your space? Is his trimmer always leaving hair on your side? Creating a “his & hers” setup in the bathroom, with separate sinks and storage areas, can solve this issue while making your bathroom more useful. If you have a large space but not a lot of amenities, a bathroom remodeler can help you redesign to make the best use of the space. Start your bathroom remodel now and enjoy a nicer home without spending a lot on the improvements. Call Steel Penn today for all your home interior and bathroom remodeling in New Jersey!