Plan Your Home Exterior Makeover in NJ with 2022’s Hottest Trends

Home Exterior Makeover In Nj

Is your home looking a little dated? Bring it up to speed with a home exterior makeover! New Jersey’s finest remodeling companies are watching the latest trends and waiting for your call to start planning a remodel for the exterior of your home. What’s hot in 2022? Keep reading!


If you want your home exterior makeover to follow today’s trend, try incorporating more texture in to your home’s appearance. This can be from different building materials, different colors, or different styles. A mix of wooden features, concrete or stone, and metal elements is popular in many areas

Home Exterior Makeover with Designed and Colored Concrete

Concrete is a strong option for sure—today’s homeowners who use concrete in their home exterior makeover enjoy this strength as well as aesthetic appeal of designed concrete or colored concrete. These elegant designs make your home look its best and will last for years to come. Some homeowners have even used designed concrete to replace the siding of their home!

Lamps and Lighting

For a stunning home exterior makeover on a budget, installing lamps and lighting around your home’s exterior is a must. Freestanding lamps are very popular, creating a whimsical look with a very practical element. Lighting can help to promote safety around your home as well.

Earth Tones

Earth-inspired tones are a must for a home exterior makeover in 2022! From browns and grays to all sorts of variations on green and blue, take your home’s color inspiration from the dark skies during NJ’s storms, or the swirling waters of a deep lake. 

Sustainable Home Exterior Makeover

One final trend for 2022 should come as no surprise—sustainability! Today’s homeowners are looking for materials that are kind to the earth and that last a lifetime.

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