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Dock Builders In New Jersey

Are you thinking about investing in a new dock but are overwhelmed by the variety of options? Steel Penn Contracting understands the importance of choosing the correct sort of dock for your needs. With years of experience building docks around New Jersey, we’ve accumulated important knowledge about the various types of docks and their suitability for diverse environments. Let’s look at the options we have and how to choose the best dock for you.

  • Stationary docks are suitable for areas with harsh weather conditions. These strong constructions are intended to endure large waves by allowing water to pass between their legs, resulting in stability and durability. To reduce corrosion, we frequently advocate installing stationary docks on wooden pilings with permanent bases. This not only increases their longevity, but also assures that they remain steady in difficult conditions.
  • Portable docks are ideal for people experiencing poor weather or needing to remove the dock from the water on a regular basis. However, constructing a portable dock necessitates careful consideration of environmental considerations. A somewhat hard lake bottom or gentle slope is required for proper installation. Our staff rigorously examines these factors to guarantee that your portable dock is built to last while also providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Floating Docks: Do you live in an area with variable water levels? A floating dock might be the best option for you. Floating docks are designed to stay in the water all year, making them versatile and adaptable. These docks, anchored by ramps, cables, or anchors, provide stability while adapting variations in water levels. Whether you’re dealing with tidal changes or seasonal variations, a floating dock provides easy access to the water, making it a good option for many coastal properties.

Choosing the Right Dock

When choosing a dock for your property, consider environmental conditions, usage requirements, and personal preferences. Steel Penn Contracting’s team is available to help you make decisions and provide experienced advice based on your individual requirements. With our dedication to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction, you can count on us to produce a dock that exceeds your expectations.

In conclusion, when comparing the numerous types of docks available, it is critical to consider environmental circumstances, usage requirements, and personal preferences. Stationary docks are appropriate for harsh environments, whilst movable docks allow for periodic removal. Floating docks are ideal for areas with variable water levels. Visit for a more in-depth look into dock selection and construction.