This is Why Deck Repairs in New Jersey Are Still So Expensive


If your deck in NJ is in need of repair, you may find that you’ve been holding off because of the very high costs! Fortunately, construction costs aren’t up as high as they were a few months ago, but still remain well over the cost of the same work just a few years ago. Keep reading to see what’s making the cost of your deck repairs stay so high.

Deck Building Materials Are Pricey

As was the case earlier in the year, the biggest driver of increased deck building costs are the increased costs of materials. From lumber to fittings, paint to stain, construction materials are higher than they have been in a while. This is due to ongoing shortages, limitations, and backlogs from that pesky pandemic. For specialty parts, delays at the shipping docks across the US borders may play a role.

Labor Shortages And Wages Are Up

Employees are hard to come by, and even those who can find good workers are finding they have to pay them more, either due to minimum wage increases or just due to the going cost of employment. The best employees may cost even more—they get rewards for staying with their employees! Construction companies in NJ have no choice but to pass these costs onto customers.

Increased Costs of Doing Business

Finally, the costs of doing business are up all over the place. Gasoline is more expensive to fuel the company trucks, administrative services are higher, even background costs like heat and regulatory fees are adding to your construction bill. When you get deck repairs in NJ this year, you can expect to pay more, just like you are seeing higher prices across the nation.

Will construction prices decrease? Not any time in the near future, unfortunately. If you have been holding off on your deck repairs in NJ, it may be time to adjust your budget to meet the current industry standards. For a company that keeps your bottom line in mind without compromising quality, call Steel Penn.