Trex Deck Installed After Truck Crash in Newton, NJ

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Scott S. was standing outside his Newton, NJ home when his backyard fence, pool, and deck suddenly exploded into a pile of wood and debris. A pickup truck driver had veered off the road and onto his property. Fortunately, both Scott and the driver ended up being okay, but Scott’s yard was destroyed.

Scott dealt with the issue through his insurance company and opted not to replace the pool. When it came time to rebuild the fence and deck area, he had a decision to make: How should he replace it?

Upgrading to Trex

The previous deck was just old pressure-treated wood. Scott wondered if it was time for an upgrade that would not only replace what was lost, but improve the use and enjoyment of his backyard space. He connected with Steel Penn and selected a Trex deck, after hearing about its long-lasting durability and how great it could look in the space.

First, Steel Penn helped Scott add temporary supports to the existing deck for safety until the new deck could be installed. Then Steel Penn helped Scott go through the permitting process, which involved getting a new survey done, completing paperwork, and receiving approval from the township.

All along the way, Steel Penn kept Scott informed about the status and made it a smooth process. Although Scott was initially concerned about how much time it would take, in the end it took just about three weeks. He was very pleased with the timeframe.

Before and After

The before-and-after photos of Scott’s deck are dramatic. The before pictures show a yard that’s a huge mess, with piles of wood around the pickup truck that did the damage. In the after pictures, Scott’s new Trex deck absolutely gleams with crisp white railings around grey Gravel Path decking. Scott says he is very, very happy with the results.

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