Why Are The Prices of House Pressure Washing Services Near Me Going Up?

If you hire a pressure washing service in NJ to clean your property each year, you may have been a little startled when you started looking for prices this fall. Like most services, the price of house pressure washing has increased lately! Keep reading to find out why.

Inflation Puts Pressure on Pressure Washers
If high costs of pressure washing are a big surprise, you may not have been keeping up with finance news: everything is high due to inflation! This inflation has struck the power washing industry as well. Many customers argue that water hasn’t gotten that much more expensive (yet!), but as experts in the pressure washing industry, we know that far more goes into the cost. For example, the costs of gas to drive our company machines and power our pressure washers are higher, most firms have raised wages for employees, and parts and supplies costs are up. We don’t like charging more, especially when we don’t see increased profits!

Staffing Shortages Affect the Best Pressure Washing Companies
Staffing shortages persist across the nation, even at the best pressure washing companies. Whether people are retiring and leaving the workforce, going back to school, or staying home to care for children during the childcare shortage, most of the best pressure washing companies in NJ are similarly facing staffing shortages. We pay our loyal staff more to keep them with us, but this increases costs for everyone.

More Homeowners Requesting Power Washing Services in NJ
As if you needed another reason why pressure washing prices in NJ are rising, more homeowners are in need of these services. If you’ve put off your annual power washing services for the past few years due to the pandemic and the economy, you’re not alone—and just like many others, 2022 is the first year in a few years that you are seeking power washing!

When you choose Steel Penn for your residential or commercial pressure washing services, you can trust that we will leave your property sparkling at a competitive price. Call today for a quote for your home or business!