Plan Now For Deck and Dock Repairs in New Jersey

Deck Repairs In Nj

One of the best parts about spending summer in NJ is deck and dock time! If you love spending time outdoors, you want your deck and dock to be in good repair. Keep reading to see how you can start planning for deck and dock repairs with NJ’s best professional restoration services!

A Clean Surface Identifies Deck and Dock Damage

The first thing you should do to identify deck or dock damage is to bust out the cleaning supplies! You often cannot see damage to your deck or dock until you’ve cleaned it—that dirt may be hiding damage, or may be making a perfectly good dock look decayed just due to staining. Cleaning your deck or dock, such as by hiring professional pressure washing services, will help you to assess it and call the deck replacement experts in NJ if needed.

Check These Parts of Your Dock and Deck For Damage or Decay

Where should you look for damage on your deck or dock? First, check out the floor, or walking surface. Is it level and easy to walk across, or do you always trip on that loose board on the edge? When you washed the deck, did an unusual amount of water pool in a certain area? For decks, make sure to pay special attention to the 6-12 inches directly above the ground; for docks, the 6-12 inches directly above the water level. These are the areas where your deck or dock is most likely going to need repairs. A team of dock and deck construction experts in Hardwick can repair your dock or deck with ease!

Should You Replace Your Wood Deck in NJ With Different Materials?

If you have a wooden deck, you’re in for a lot of regular repairs and maintenance. While wood is affordable and easy to work with, you must stain and seal it regularly, and keep a close eye on the underside of the wood to prevent rotting or mold. Many people who replace their deck in NJ choose to build a deck out of composite materials that are designed to stand up against a challenging climate and last many years.

Summer seems like it will last forever, but in just a few months, the snow will start to fall and the repair season for NJ decks and docks will be put on hold until spring. Get your dock or deck in good condition when you schedule repairs with Steel Penn in NJ today!