Clean Your Dock or Deck in New Jersey with Professional Pressure Washing Services

Many households do spring cleaning, but professional pressure washing services in New Jersey are often the most helpful in the late summer or early fall months. Keep reading to see why you should have your deck or dock professionally cleaned, why DIY pressure washing service is risky, and options to reduce your maintenance needs.

Why Pressure Wash a Dock? NJ’s Home Exterior Contractors Advise

Do you really need to clean your dock? After all, it sits in water most of the year… The answer from NJ’s home exterior contractors is a strong “yes!” Just like you clean your shower (we hope!), cleaning your deck is a way to remove any residue from the body of water itself, from dirt and debris, or from human products like spilled soda or sunscreen. You should always keep your dock clean so guests can walk safely on it, and a clean dock helps you to identify necessary damage for repairs before they grow larger.

Should I Power Wash My Deck in NJ or Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Service?

If you’ve decided to power wash your deck in NJ, your next question may be whether you should rent a power washer and DIY, or hire a professional pressure washing service. If you like your deck, we’d recommend going with the pros. When our team of home exterior contractors comes to your home for professional pressure washing, we use the right tools, the right amount of power, and the right safety gear. Pressure washing can rip the stain and finish right off your wooden deck, or cause damage to your person. Leaving it to the pros gets the job done without risk.

How Can I Make It Easier To Keep My Deck or Dock Cleaned?

If you’re already tired of deck or dock maintenance, you may want to consider the materials that your deck is made of. Wooden decks are a classic, but tend to require a lot of yearly maintenance to keep the natural material from rotting or decaying. Newer materials, such as composite or vinyl deck and dock materials, are designed to be lower maintenance.

Don’t leave your deck or dock dirty all winter! Call today to schedule an end-of-season pressure washing service for your dock or deck in NJ and enjoy the rest of the summer.