Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays With A Home Exterior Makeover

Home Exterior Makeover Nj

Is your home ready for the holidays? If not, you should consider a home exterior makeover! This process goes beyond seasonal cleaning, and can change the whole view from your home’s exterior. Keep reading to see the best home exterior makeover ideas from Steel Penn.

Repaint During Your Home Makeover For New Color
One of the easiest ways to give your home a makeover is to repaint! Whether you add new color to your whole house, or just a few accent points, this can totally change the look. You could hire a painter, but when you work with a home makeover specialist, we can paint and address any repairs that may be advised.

Update Window and Door Trims
If you want to really change the look of your home, consider updating your window and door trims during your next home exterior makeover. This is a project you want to do before the weather turns too cold, as your windows and doors will be pretty drafty during the remodel!

Repair Your Porch and Add New Railings
If your home has a front porch, it can affect the way your home is viewed—especially if the porch is damaged or in poor condition. From stairs to railings, to the entire surface, a remodeled or repaired porch can be a beautiful component of your exterior home makeover in NJ.

Wash Your Home Exterior with Pressure Washing Services
At minimum, the exterior of your home should be washed every year or two. Pressure washing services in NJ are the fastest way to get this goal accomplished, and it is so easy when you work with a skilled contractor to help! Pressure washing can breathe life back into your home, clear those high windows, and remove dirt from your walkways, making your home look clean and new again.

Ready to start the home exterior makeover process? Call Steel Penn in NJ today!