Here’s How To Get Your Deck and Dock Repaired Before Winter

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It’s hard to accept, but summer is gone! If you haven’t scheduled your deck and dock repairs, you’d better act fast, or you may need to wait until spring. Here’s a step-by-step guide to some repairs that you should keep in mind when thinking about keeping your deck and dock in good condition this winter.

Step One: Assess Your Deck and Dock for Damage
The first step to making sure your deck and dock are in good condition is to check it out. Just looking at it can give you an idea of whether you’ll need to call a dock builder in New Jersey. If you see rotted boards, warped boards, or visible cracks, you’ll want to call a dock repair specialist. If you notice loose boards or “spongey” spots, you should have these checked out further.

Step Two: Thoroughly Clean or Pressure Wash Decks and Docks
If your deck or dock isn’t damaged, your next step may be to clean the surface. If you are not good at pressure washing—don’t do it! Hire a professional pressure washing company in NJ who can do it without damaging your deck instead. For mild dirt and debris, you can usually wash your deck just like you would your kitchen floors—with warm water and mild detergent. A garden hose will work just as well. Keep an eye out for damage as you clean—dirt can hide damage!

Step Three: Call A Deck Repair Company in Hardwick NJ For Repairs
If your deck has been damaged, leave it to the professional deck builders. We can repair your deck, including major damage or tiny imperfections, and leave you with peace of mind. Your deck will remain strong and sound and your guests will be safer on a sturdy deck!

Step Four: Refinish a Dock or Deck
After cleaning and repairing, your dock may be in need of refinishing. How that refinishing gets done depends on your home—you may have paint, wood stain, or other products. Some of these can just have a new coat applied to a clean surface, others may need to be sanded off. If you’re not comfortable with any element of the project, just call a team of experienced deck builders to help!

Steel Penn in Hardwick, NJ has been helping homeowners with deck and dock projects and other home makeover services for decades! Let us renovate your deck, dock, or porch before the winter weather strikes!