Is Your Kitchen Too Vintage? Hire A Contractor in New Jersey For a Kitchen Remodel

Hire A Contractor In New Jersey For A Kitchen Remodel

If you love a vintage look, 2022 is likely to be your year! Contractors in NJ know that vintage and antique styles are booming, and are working hard to make your home look just like you want it. But is your kitchen too vintage… okay, does it just look “old?” Keep reading to see some of the top kitchen remodel trends of 2022!

Curated Vintage

One of the top trends for 2022 is vintage and antique, but that doesn’t mean just taking over grandma’s outdated kitchen! Those who are creating vintage-inspired kitchens today are doing so in an intentional manner, seeking the best curated antiques and vintage styles they can find. Even more importantly, today’s “new” antique kitchen is updated to reflect the best in energy efficiency and modern cooking trends (antique air fryer, anyone?). A general contractor in NJ can help you to install reclaimed materials or make your kitchen match your favorite antique piece.

Storage Overhaul

Storage solutions in the kitchen are one of the biggest demands during kitchen remodels. In NJ, even larger homes don’t always have big kitchens, and cooking fans need plenty of space. That’s why kitchen islands are often more popular in pairs these days, why some homeowners are installing new pantries, and why old cabinets are being replaced with new, better storage. Your contractor in NJ can help you find and install the perfect storage solution for your space.


Have a kitchen, but don’t cook much? Do you find yourself hosting party guests in the kitchen more than actually turning your stove on? Embrace minimalism and join the many people who are tearing out their bulky cabinets and replacing them with minimal single shelves, floating shelves, or open space. Hide appliances you do use (like the blender or the toaster) in a built-in drawer to maximize your usable space.

There are so many hot kitchen remodel ideas for 2022. Where will you start your kitchen remodel project? If you live in NJ, general contractors at Steel Penn are waiting to help you plan and complete your home interior makeovers today!