Try One Of These Low-Cost Bathroom Remodels in Your NJ Home Today!

Low-Cost Bathroom Remodels

Want to refresh part of your home without breaking the bank? The best builders in New Jersey know that home interior remodeling projects can get expensive, even for the most private room inthe house—the bathroom! Can you transform your space on a budget? Absolutely! Keep reading for tips on bathroom remodels at an affordable price.

New Vanity

A quick and easy way to make your bathroom look new is to replace the vanity station and countertop (if you have a countertop). This could involve adding more storage space to your bathroom remodel with new cabinets or drawers, or creating a minimalistic bathroom with a simple pedestal sink. This is probably the biggest piece of “furniture” in your bathroom, so changing it out can do a lot!

Facilities Upgrade

After the sink and vanity, the focal point of the bathroom is the toilet. Could yours use an upgrade? When we visit homes in NJ for bathroom remodels, many homeowners ask about installing newer, more efficient toilets in their homes. This isn’t just an earth-friendly move—it could cut your water bill by more than half if you have an older toilet! Or maybe you want a toilet that does a little more, like getting everything clean and dry. Installing a toilet with a bidet has become a popular request since the TP shortages of 2020!

Tub and Shower Refresh

For a full bathroom, your tub and shower are very important. Does yours look a little dingy? If your home is older, you may have a sturdy tub that will last a lifetime, but your shower surround walls, faucet, and other elements may show some wear. When you plan your full bathroom remodel in NJ, you can save on a tub and shower refresh by focusing on those used elements. Buying a new faucet, touching up dings to the porcelain, and installing a new shower surround costs a fraction of getting a whole new tub, and makes a stunning visual change. Ready to plan your next bathroom remodel or interior home makeover in New Jersey? Call Steel Penn today for professional building services!