Our Contractor’s Checklist for Weatherproofing Decks and Docks in NJ

Weatherproofing Decks And Docks In Nj

Summer is finally drawing to a close, and for those with docks and decks in New Jersey, that means getting your property reading for winter! Here’s our contractor’s checklist for weatherproofing your decks and docks before winter.

Clean Your Dock or Deck with Pressure Washing Services Near You

The first step to keeping your dock or deck in good condition is to thoroughly wash it. This isn’t just for looks—keeping your structures free from dirt and debris can extend their life, since all that “gunk” isn’t sitting there rotting all winter. There’s no need to scrub on your hands and knees for this outdoor project—hire a pressure washing company in NJ to spray it clean for you with ease.

Inspect Docks and Decks for Damage and Schedule Repairs

Once your dock or deck is all clean, it’s time to inspect it for damage, and schedule repairs if needed. Warped boards, cracked or broken supports, holes, or “weak spots” should always be addressed before the next season. You can schedule deck and dock repairs with NJ’s best contractors, or you can let the damage get worse all winter—you know what the best choice is!

Should You Use A Waterproof Sealant On Your Deck or Dock?

Many people ask our deck and dock builders if they should use a waterproof sealant on their structure. If you have a wooden deck or dock, this is definitely recommended! This sort of treatment is not necessary for composite materials, as the plastic fibers provide a similar level of protection against water and weather. Keep in mind, however, that waterproofing your deck or dock isn’t a one-time process. You need a reliable deck and dock repair company in NJ to take this task off your list!

Don’t wait until the snow falls. Now that it’s getting cooler, make sure to weatherproof your deck and dock while the weather is still pleasant. For assistance with pressure washing services, dock repair, or deck waterproofing, call Steel Penn in NJ.