Steel Penn Fixes Leak With New Trex Deck, Stairs, and Dock

Shawn knew he had a problem when his cantilevered deck started leaking into the house. The water issue, combined with some long-missing stairs and a broken dock, convinced him to start calling around to local decking companies.

Competitive Estimates
Shawn was unhappy with first estimate he received, which was from a deck remodeler in Sparta he located through Home Advisor.
“The numbers that they gave me were very expensive, right from just estimating, without even seeing the project,” he said. “They were very pricy.”

His next call was to Steel Penn, also found on Home Advisor. This time, he was pleased with the price and impressed with the variety of work Steel Penn could do within a short timeframe.

“While we were talking about the deck, I said, ‘I don’t know what else you guys do, but I need a set of stairs and I need a dock,’” Shawn said. “Ultimately I ended up using them for both of those jobs as well.”

Going Above and Beyond
Shawn knew he wanted composite decking and selected Trex for its low maintenance and high quality. He’d had problems with paint adhering to his existing deck, and was tired of spending hours to maintain it.

“I didn’t want to have to stain,” Shawn said.
He was surprised to discover that Steel Penn could even paint another deck – one he wasn’t replacing – to look good alongside the new Trex deck.

“I had another cantilevered deck that was outside the master bedroom that was a little bit old and weathered, and they painted it to match,” Shawn explained. He was pleased that Steel Penn could go above and beyond just installing a new deck, to make everything work together visually at the end of the project.

From Deck to Dock
Shawn’s old waterside dock was small, broken, and not suitable for groups of people. He wanted a place where friends could party and fish, with plenty of space. He was totally satisfied with the end result from Steel Penn.

“From what it had been, which was more of a floating postage stamp-sized thing, the dock is definitely just significantly better,” he said. It’s double the size of the old dock and is accessible by stairs that lead down from the deck.

Happy Dogs, Happy Friends
Shawn can now let his dogs straight out to the back yard, rather than walking downstairs and letting them out through a basement door. This adds extra enjoyment for both Shawn and the dogs.

“Now I can just open the sliding glass door to the deck and they run out and go down the stairs,” he said.
All together, the remodeled deck and dock space is perfect for entertaining and has enough room for furniture and a grill. Shawn now has the right spot for hours of outdoor relaxation, fishing, and partying with friends.

Steel Penn Satisfaction
Shawn is a happy customer who wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steel Penn to others.
“Overall it was a very good experience and the pricing was good,” Shawn said. “I have no complaints.”