Steel Penn TimberTech Deck Adds Room to Entertain In Lake Hopatcong NJ

As Joan and her husband contemplated retirement and moving to Florida, they realized they weren’t fully enjoying their New Jersey home. Instead of moving away, they decided to stay and upgrade their current house to be more relaxing and inviting.

Right away, they decided to address the back patio, which had always been a problem. The small concrete slab made it hard to appreciate their beautiful backyard or entertain guests outdoors.

Seeking a Decking Solution
Joan reached out to several local decking and contracting companies and was frustrated that some of them ignored her calls. “These people never had the decency to call us back,” Joan says. “We’ve worked with contractors before, and I’ll tell you, it’s like pulling teeth to get somebody to even call you back.”

Of those that returned her calls, some companies couldn’t tackle the project until much later in the year. But Joan and her husband wanted to be able to enjoy a new deck by the end of the summer.

“I came up with Steel Penn’s name on Home Advisor and it had some very good ratings,” Joan says. Amber from Steel Penn called Joan back quickly, and within days, Fred from Steel Penn was at her house taking measurements and creating a price quote. After securing permits, work started right away.

“They came up on Friday, they dug the footings that had to be put in, and Monday morning 8 o’clock they were pulling in the driveway and the truck was here with all the materials. It was just seamless … They did exactly what they said they were going to do.”

The Beauty of Composite Decking
Fred and the team at Steel Penn installed a TimberTech Deck, which is a long-lasting composite deck that looks very similar to wood. Joan and her husband selected a tan and honey oak color combination that perfectly complements the exterior of their home.

Joan was pleasantly surprised that the deck could be installed right over the existing slab, without any jackhammering or concrete removal. Stairs and trellis around the base of the deck hide the original slab, so you’d never know it still sits underneath.

Years of Outdoor Enjoyment With A New TimberTech Deck
Now that their new deck is installed, Joan and her husband are looking forward to retiring. Their TimberTech Deck will bring them years of fun, with more outdoor entertaining than ever before.

“Our neighbors, our friends, come over and have a drink, sit and have a glass of wine at night,” Joan says. “We love eating outside, and before we had a tiny little table and it was only the two of us. We could never really have company. But now, with this nice deck on the back of the house, we can have groups of people in.”

Satisfied Steel Penn Customers
Joan doesn’t hesitate to recommend Steel Penn to others. She recently showed a cell phone photo of her new deck to her hairstylist, who commented on its beauty. Now Joan’s hairstylist has contracted two new jobs with Steel Penn, to remodel her kitchen and family room.
Steel Penn has become Joan’s preferred contractor for home renovations. She and her husband are currently brainstorming several remodeling projects and plan to call Steel Penn to handle the jobs.

“They’re, I think, the most conscientious people,” Joan says. “I mean, they’re just phenomenal, just phenomenal.”